A Nepalese speciality! For the first time Oolong tea is being produced in Nepal entirely by hand – from growing and picking the crop, to careful sorting of the best leaves and fermentation, through to the packing of the finished tea.


Freshly brewed the tea is amber-gold coloured with a fruity sweet, lightly smoky and rounded flavour. It is similar to a very light black tea, but with typical notes of Oolong.

A new tea-growing area is emerging! In the Jiri valley in eastern Nepal a young cooperative has begun growing tea at an altitude of between 2100 and 2300 metres above sea level.

The first plants are now ready for harvesting. Between July and October the youngest buds with two leaves will be picked by hand in several phases and worked to Oolong quality. The 2013 harvest yielded 600 kilograms, of which 300 could be exported to Switzerland. The remainder is being distributed via the already-established trade routes within Nepal.