Parsuram Khadka – Biography


Parsuran Khadka in jungen Jahren

Parsuram was born in 1952 in the Dolakha district of Jiri to a family of farmers, the youngest of three children. Jiri is a remote, mountainous region in the foothills of the Himalayas, 188 kilometres east of the Nepalese capital Kathmandu. Thanks to a bursary from the Jiri Multipurpose Development Project, a Swiss venture, he was the only one of the Khadka children able to go to school. At the age of twelve he was able to enter the Siddarha Vanasthali School in Kathmandu. At that time there were still no roads to Kathmandu suitable for motorized vehicles. The journey through hills and rivers, valleys and villages from Jiri to Kathmandu took seven days on foot.

In 1968 Parsuram became an English teacher at the Jiri High School, which had been developed thanks to the Swiss initiative, and he worked for most of 33 years. A few times he attempted to settle in Kathmandu and work there, but each time quickly returned to his teaching post in Jiri.

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Gründer der Kooperative mit Bauern

In 2002 he began to build up the Jiri Tea Development Cooperation Society. He took over as chairman of the cooperative and also as headmaster of the local high school. Today the cooperative has over 60 members. Parsuram operates his own tea garden and also educates farmers’ families in growing tea. The cooperative believes ecological methods to be very important. Parsuram is also the driving force behind the development and expansion of the cooperative, leading the regeneration of the tea sapling nursery as well as new initiatives such as bee keeping and honey production.

His development work offers many families a much-needed supplementary income. As a result the men are no longer forced to work abroad (often in Qatar or Malaysia) and are able to stay in their home villages with their families.

Parsuram has gained recognition from the president of Nepal, Dr Ram Baran Yadav, for his exceptional services in the fields of education and development.

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Parsuran mit dem Präsidenten Nepals